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BCF Press Release



March 7, 2018

Press Photo

BCF First Lady Ruth Ann Kinchen and Ms. Gail Floyd deliver trays of sweet goodies to students, faculty and staff during "Cookie Day."

Press Photo

Close-up of the mounds of cookies provided by BCF First Lady Ruth Ann Kinchen and her faithful team.

The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) First Lady Ruth Ann Kinchen's special delivery on March 6, called for campus-wide celebrations as sweet tooth cravings were filled throughout the Graceville campus. As students settle into their classes each semester, the First Lady arrives on campus bearing trays filled to overflowing with delicious homemade cookies in assorted flavors. The trays of goodies are dispersed throughout the dorms and offices, ensuring that everyone enjoys the delicious treats that come on what is lovingly designated as "Cookie Day."

Over the years, the First Lady has kept the "Cookie Day" tradition alive because of the pure excitement it brings to students, staff, and faculty during their busy schedules. It also provides a taste of home for students who may find themselves feeling a little homesick as they adjust to life on the college campus. However, this sweet delivery is about more than just cookies; it exhibits the love and compassion that Ms. Ruth Ann has for the entire BCF family. Her generous gesture serves as a reminder that students at BCF are more than an ID number; she genuinely loves and prays for each student.

Not only were the homemade treats a display of Christ-like service, they tasted delicious. The baked goods made by Ms. Ruth Ann, Ms. Gail Floyd, Ms. Dawn Freeman, Ms. Terry Jumper, Ms. Shelba Knight, Ms. Lynn Gay and Ms. Jan Cunningham were quickly devoured on the Graceville campus. Some faculty were even seen sharing the scrumptious cookies in the bleachers as they intently watched the nail-biting BCF Intramural Basketball Championship game, waiting to see which team would go on to play the faculty/staff team during the upcoming Spring Preview Day.

"Cookie Day" is one of the many expressions of how BCF faculty and staff, along with their spouses, go the extra mile to invest in the lives of students preparing for areas of service, leadership, and ministry. Students, faculty, and staff are truly grateful for all of the time, expense, and love that Ms. Ruth Ann and her team put into this special day every semester.

For more information about upcoming events held at The Baptist College of Florida, please call 800-328-2660 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.